Days of Architecture 2017


Days of Architecture are one of the biggest events in the field of architecture and urban planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Conceived as an annual, multi-day event that includes different lectures of international and local architects and other professionals, exhibitions, film screenings, discussions, workshops, roundtables, research, etc. Days of Architecture in Sarajevo have been held for nine consecutive years (2008 -2016.), And in 2014 for the first time held in Banja Luka and organised by Centre For Spatial Research. Days of Architecture have so far gathered over 70 different speakers from 15 countries.

The 21st century is a digital era where architecture has become a mass medium due to the presence of the Internet. Days of Architecture take back the architecture in the analogue world, the primordial field of perception, where the spoken word and the real presence gives a special impact on creating professional and emotional ties between all participants. Meeting with architects, that are at the top of the global architectural community, interaction, spoken word and really presence give a new dimension to the perception of architecture.

Days of Architecture are facing not only architectural, but also the global community in which are held and to which are intended. Aspiring that a space in which we live and work have to be improved, Days of Architecture every year looking for the answers to the theme that has defined according to the local context, engaging the best protagonists today. By engaging architects who are present on the World architectural scene, Days of Architecture exceed the local context and address to the wider public interested in architecture.